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How will these skills help you win The Race? I have the ability to see the “good” in every situation. Three words to describe you: “Survivor,” creative and athletic. Favorite hobbies: Inventing new products, photography and jumping rope. What famous person reminds you of yourself? Cookie Monster What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Crushing cancer! What scares you most about traveling? Bumping into my doppelganger.


Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca, both winners of Survivor, were one of the first two teams eliminated on Survivor. Zohn and Morasca, who have been dating for eight years, decided to attempt the challenge of racing around the world after Zohn successfully battled cancer. Before the Race you both mentioned that having won Survivor could work against you.

JENNA MORASCA Age: Hometown: New York, N.Y.. Current occupation: TV host/student. Connection to teammate: Dating.

Whether it was the editing or a true representation of life in the Amazon, Jenna Morasca’s victory left many viewers scratching their heads. Invited to call in to The Early Show Monday morning, at least two viewers were not shy about confronting her about certain behaviors. A viewer named Roxanne asked Jenna: “All through the season, the episodes showed you as being lazy and not doing much of anything to contribute to the tribe.

Was that an accurate portrayal to you and, if so, do you honestly think you deserved the title of sole survivor? Jenna replied, “I do think that there were times — I didn’t do the majority of the cutting down the trees. I just didn’t have the energy. But I did do other things in camp, and I felt like that made up for the things I didn’t do. I helped build the roof on the new Jacare shelter. I helped do a lot of things.

And a viewer named Carrie told Jenna, “Based on what we saw, it seemed like you and Heidi and Shawna acted like junior high girls when you would exclude Christy because she was not as thin or as pretty.


A funny thing can happen when you’re stripped of your creature comforts and forced to build your own shelter and forage for food: love. Survivor , like many reality shows before it, has been a place for love. Contestants are forced to rely on one another to stay in the game, and sometimes that leads to something more—even host Jeff Probst hasn’t been immune to the love powers of Survivor.

Like Bachelor Nation, Survivor contestants roll deep. There’s been all sorts of cross pollination in the world of Survivor.

Zohn and Morasca, who have been dating for eight years, decided to attempt the challenge of racing around the world after Zohn successfully.

Survivor alums Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca went through a lot together during their decade-long relationship. So, where are Ethan and Jenna now? Both winners in their own seasons of Survivor , Ethan Zohn and castaway Jenna Morasca were very likable contestants. Ethan won Africa by remaining loyal to his alliance and for his friendly personality. Meanwhile, Jenna was another castaway that played a good social game, but her stand-out moment from Amazon was getting naked for some peanut butter and chocolate.

In February , Jenna Morasca and Ethan Zohn revealed that they had ended their relationship after 10 years. The two issued a joint state that said after years of having a loving relationship they made the decision to move on forward without each other.

Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca Break Up After 10 Years Together

The two started dating shortly after Jenna’s win. But in , when Ethan was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, the two found themselves facing challenges that were far tougher than anything they dealt with on reality TV. Unfortunately for Jenna, this isn’t the first time she’s had to watch a loved one battle cancer. After acting as her primary caregiver, Jenna lost her mother to breast cancer.

In the wake of such tragedy however, Jenna has championed cancer research efforts, often participating in fund raisers.

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The critical and controlling Jonathan treated his wife poorly throughout the globe-trotting competition, and when they came in second during one trial, he shoved her so hard she nearly fell over. Both teams had to select a leader, with Korror choosing Todd, and Galu electing Ethan. They then had to pick a castaway from the opposing tribe to become a part of their new tribe, after which the person they chose would have to pick.

Although Amina and Peter have an on-again, off-again marriage, he and Tara are still tight. Now Alaska is back for an history, fans will never forget Tamra asking her controlling and awful husband Simon for a divorce in the back of a limo. The pair got divorced in and now, oddly enough, Victoria appears on It was love at first sight for these two: Danny proposed on the first night of their stay in the Austin house and they eventually married.

What was really memorable, however, was when they were on the same team during Against all odds, these two seem to make it work. Meanwhile, Erika scored a second-place trophy and a paper ring.

Who Is Jenna Morasca? Wiki, TV Show, Net Worth, ‘Survivor’ & Facts To Know

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Jenna Morasca’s Bio-Wiki: Net Worth,Mother,Dating,Father,Died,Parents. TV Jenna Morasca was created in She’s a swimsuit model.

Jenna Morasca is an American actress, former swimsuit model and American reality TV contestant who was the million-dollar grand prize winner of Survivor: The Amazon in In , she worked for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Morasca was born in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania. Before appearing on Survivor , Morasca was a college student at the University of Pittsburgh , [2] where she was initiated into Zeta Tau Alpha.

Morasca’s Survivor career began on Survivor: The Amazon , in which she was originally part of the all-female Jaburu tribe. In , Morasca was invited back for Survivor: All-Stars. During one immunity challenge on Survivor: The Amazon , Morasca and fellow contestant Heidi Strobel stripped off their clothes for peanut butter and chocolate. At the Final Seven, Cesternino betrayed his alliance by voting out Bell.

Survivor winner Ethan Zohn is engaged to fiancee Lisa Heywood

TV Jenna Morasca was created in Their group was removed in a double-elimination plus they ended tenth. She is a single child and resides there with her loved ones.

Picture of Jenna Morasca and Matthew Von Ertfelda during Jenna Morasca Is The Million Dollar Winner of Survivor The Amazon at The Ed Date: May 11

They announced their split Monday. Ethan Zohn steps out after stem-cell transplant to attend Jenna Morasca’s graduatio n. We want to thank everyone for their support and we ask that our privacy be respected as we move forward. News of the couple’s breakup may come as a shock, considering that their relationship seemed stronger than ever while Zohn was battling not one, but two bouts of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Back in , the reality star duo talked about a “survivor” couples guide that they were working on together, and dished about their relationship. You have to be the pillar of strength even when you feel like you are crumbling to pieces inside. When Zohn’s cancer returned in , Morasca talked to E! News about how they were coping with it. Survivor ‘s Ethan Zohn gets stem-cell transplant. It is hard at times to remain caring and considerate and to keep perspective. My goal is to start our lives together.

Am I scared and nervous and anxious? The reality star duo also competed together on The Amazing Race and starred on their own show, Everyday Health.